Sealing Draughty Windows | EMV Slim Line Seals | FAQ

Q: What does EMV for Aluminium Windows do? 

A: EMV stops draughts from coming in from the old seal no longer working well.


Q: Is EMV for Aluminium Windows easy to install? 

A: Yes, It is one of the easiest products we have to install.


Q: How do you install EMV for Aluminium Doors? 

A: It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. 1. Clean
  2. 2. Measure & Cut
  3. 3. Fold & Apply


Q: What is EMV for Aluminium Windows made of? 

A: EMV is made out of plastic, with an adhesive on the back.


Q: When should I use EMV? 

A: You can utilize EMV for many different uses. The most common applications are for when the original seal of aluminium sliding doors or windows is worn out, or when the gap of a hinged door is too small to apply other draught excluders.


Q: Do you have a recommended installer for EMV? 

A: A recommended installer is highly location dependent. To find out if we have a recommended installer in your area please email, or call 1300-326-627.


Q: Can I collect EMV for Aluminium Windows? 

A: Due to Covid Restrictions collection is not available at this time.


Q: Can I get a sample of EMV? 

A: We can send a sample to you. Postage for the sample is $9.00. To arrange for your free sample please call 1300-326-627.


Q: I have sticky residue on my window from a previous attempt to draught proof, how do I get it off? 

A: The best way we've found for removing residue is with methylated spirits and a cloth. Use plenty of the methylated spirits on the cloth and gently rub away the residue. Once the residue has been loosened from the surface you will find it rolls in balls that are easily wiped away.

Alternatively, if you have a very stable substrate to work with (not varnished timber), you can use turpentine instead of the methylated spirits. This is not advised if you are unsure as to what finish you currently have on your door jamb.


Q: How long would it take to ship EMV? 

A:  0 to 4 business days from the time of order.


Q: How will my order be delivered? 

A:  Orders would be sent through Australian Post.


Q: Can I use EMV as a renter? 

A:  Yes, renters do not worry. EMV can easily be removed and therefore works well in rental applications. In most cases you do not even notice the EMV unless you are specifically looking for it.


Q: Can EMV be used for more than aluminium windows? 

A: EMV can be used for many applications. To find out if EMV will work for your needs, call us on 1300 326 627, or email us at


Q: Can I paint it to match? 

A: A water based paint can be used to paint the EMV. However, when the EMV is painted it will lose some of its flexibility. We do not recommend painting the EMV


Q: What do I do if I install the EMV seal and feel no difference? 

A: If you have installed the EMV and do not feel a difference, there are three possible reasons.

  • You may not have installed the product correctly according to the instructions.
  • The size of gap is larger than 7mm
  • There may be more significant draughts in your home. You would have to find out where they are and decide how to treat them. This can be done on a DIY basis.