Flush-It Starter Pack 2 x 14g


Flush-It® Starter Pack is for new systems or to shock dose problem systems. Available as a 2 treatment pack.

Flush-It® uses powerful organic anaerobic and aerobic bacteria to break down waste, reduce odour, sludge and flooding. Individual water-soluble sachets are perfect for use in septic systems. Save money, water and time when you use Flush-It®.

Flush-It® bacteria are more efficient and more effective than ordinary bacteria for your septic system. They actually digest pollutants that kill ordinary bacteria. Common powders for septic systems hardly compare – One 14g pack of Flush-It® contains as many bacteria as 49.4 kilograms of one popular competitor.

Flush-It® is Easy to Use – Just once a month, drop one sachet into the toilet, let it dissolve and then flush it.

Why use Flush-It® for your Septic System?

Stops smells – Works from day 1.
Biodegrades toxic pollutants other ordinary products can’t touch.
  • It liquefies and digests solid organic matter.
Rejuvenates septic tanks, leach fields, drains and cesspools.
  • It helps keep drains and pipes clean
  • .
Saves money and helps prevent costly digging, pumping, replacement.
Saves water and goes down in one flush.
The concentrated product reduces packaging, waste & storage by over 90%.

 Australian Made & Owned

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