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Flush-It | For Septic Tanks Treatment and Maintenance

Flush-It | For Septic Tanks Treatment and Maintenance

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For "No Smell" Septic Tanks

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  • No Nasty Chemicals
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy Dose
  • Australian Made
  • Ships within 2 business days


Flush It is a product designed for the effective treatment and maintenance of septic systems. It utilizes natural bacteria to maintain the balance and efficiency of these systems and helps prevent septic-related problems like odour, sludge, and flooding.

The Flush it range includes 3 variants:

  1. Flush It Traveller: Specially formulated for travellers, this variant maintains the efficacy of mobile or temporary septic systems in RVs, boats, and campers. It ensures smooth operation even in constantly changing locations.
  2. Flush It Starter Pack: Designed as an initial boost for new or underperforming septic systems. It jumpstarts the biological activity needed for a healthy system, making it ideal for newly installed or recently cleaned septic tanks.
  3. Flush It 3 Months: This variant is perfect for regular maintenance. It's tailored for ongoing care, keeping septic systems efficient and odour-free over time. Recommended for residential or commercial systems for consistent upkeep.

Chose the right variant for your situation.



  • Stops smells – Works from day 1
  • Biodegrades toxic pollutants other ordinary products can’t touch
  • Liquefies and digests solid organic matter
  • Rejuvenates septic tanks, leach fields, and drains
  • It helps keep drains and pipes clean
  • Saves money; helps prevent costly digging, pumping, and replacement
  • Saves water and goes down in one flush
  • The concentrated product reduces packaging, waste, and storage by over 90%
  • Australian made and owned 


  • Effectively treats and maintains septic systems.
  • Reduces odors and breaks down pollutants.
  • Environmentally friendly solution.
  • Safe and easy to use for homeowners.

Note: If a family member is on heavy medication you may need to use Flush-It more frequently to fight the antibacterial elements in their waste. 

Suitable For:

  • Septic systems/tanks
  • Grey water systems
  • Grease traps
  • Pit toilets and drains


Each sachet is 13g to 15g in weight.



Very easy.

How To

Flush-It Traveller:
    • Ideal for portable toilets in RVs, boats, and campers.
    • Add one sachet directly to the portable toilet's waste holding tank.
    • The sachet will dissolve and start working to break down waste and control odors.
    • Use regularly for optimal performance of the portable toilet system.
    Flush-It Starter-Pack:
      • Begin by dissolving one sachet of the Flush-It Starter-Pack in a moderate amount of water.
      • Pour the dissolved solution into the toilet bowl.
      • Flush the toilet to ensure the solution enters the septic system.
      • Repeat this process with each toilet connected to the septic tank for thorough treatment.
      Flush-It 3-Month Supply:
        • Use one sachet from the Flush-It 3-Month Supply per month.
        • Dissolve the sachet in water and pour it into the toilet, as with the Starter-Pack.
        • Flush the toilet to distribute the treatment into the septic system.
        • This regular monthly treatment helps maintain a healthy septic system.

        For each variant, it's important to follow the specific instructions on the package for best results. 


          Q: What is Flush-It and how does it work?

          A: Flush-It is a natural, eco-friendly septic system treatment product. It works by introducing beneficial bacteria into septic systems, aiding in the breakdown of waste and controlling odours.

          Q: How long does it take for the smell to go once I have treated it?
          A: For Septic tank treatment, it takes 1 – 3 days for the smell to completely go. It starts to lessen in one day. For sinks and drains – the smell Is usually gone in 24 hours.

          Q: Is Flush-It safe for all types of septic systems?
          A: Yes, Flush-It is designed to be safe and effective for various septic systems, including home, RV, and boat septic systems.

          Q: Does Flush-it work for long drop toilets in a campsite?
          A: Flush-It is ideal for long drop toilets – currently used by NSW Parks and Wildlife for this purpose.

          Q: Why should I choose Flush-It over other septic tank treatments?
          A: Flush-It stands out due to its eco-friendly, natural bacterial formulation that effectively breaks down waste and controls odors without harsh chemicals. It's suitable for various systems, including home, RV, and boat septic systems.  Flush it is very easy to use and supports long-term septic health.


          Q: Can I collect my order?
          A: Yes you can!  A “Ready for Pickup” email will be sent to you when you order is ready to be collected. 
          Please click this link for the Click and Collect details. Note:  this Collection Centre is in Preston in Victoria, NOT Prestons in NSW. 

          Q: When will my order be despatched?
          A:  Generally, your order will be despatched within 1 to 2 business days.    

          Q: How will my order be delivered?
          A:  If this is the only product in your order, it will be delivered by Australia Post.  

          Q: Will my order be tracked?
          A:  Yes!  When your order is consigned, you will receive a tracking number that will show you where your order is and its expected delivery date. 
          Track your order here
          Please note: Orders with two or more items may arrive in separate parcels with no additional shipping charge

          Q: When will my order be delivered?
          A: All AusPost orders are picked, packed and despatched within 2 business days.  Our experience with AusPost indicates that your order will be delivered within 2 - 5 business days.  Clearly this will fluctuate at peak shipping times such as Christmas.

          Q: What happens if my order gets lost during transit?
          A: On rare occasions we have had orders go missing. ecoMaster has solid procedures in place and photograph every order that leaves our warehouse.  The delivery of our orders at the local post office are videoed and we track the progress of orders.  If a delivery date appears to be beyond expectation, we will raise a query with AusPost on your behalf.  If your order cannot be found during transit, we will send a replacement.  

          Q: What happens if my order is stolen after delivery?
          A: We will check with AusPost to ensure that the order was delivered to the correct address.  If that is confirmed, and your order has been stolen from your home after delivery, please raise a Police report.



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          All things considered, Biomaster's satisfaction guarantee policy highlights their commitment to providing excellent customer service and guaranteeing a happy experience for everyone who chooses to include their products in their routines for health and wellness.

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          Customer Reviews

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          Justin K.
          Flush it

          This product has worked for us it took only a couple of days and the smell disappeared this saves me $1000 to get the tank pumped
          The delivery charges of this product were way to high it came by courier when it could have been express posted for 1/5 of the price

          Thanks for the feedback Justin! We are glad that your problem has now been resolved. The delivery charge depends on many factors such as the type of courier service and the destination of the item.