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Cavity Sliding Door Kit | Draught Dodgers - How To

Draught Proof your Internal Sliding Doors with ecoMaster’s Draught Dodgers Cavity Sliding Door Kit

ecoMaster have made it easy for you to stop draughts around your cavity sliding doors with the Draught Dodgers Cavity Sliding Door Kit.

What you will need:

  • * Measuring tape
  • * Pencil
  • * Saw
  • * Scissors
  • * Cleaning cloth
  • * Mitre box
  • * Screwdriver (optional)
  • * Knife (optional)


  • 1. This is not difficult to install, but it does have a lot of steps. Please watch ALL the videos before you start, and again during your installation.
  • 2. This kit enables one side of the door to be sealed only when the door is closed.
  • 3. This product does NOT seal the draught in the cavity. To eliminate the draught from a door cavity, the cavity itself must be treated. This usually requires removal of the door – click here

Installation Videos:

Find Out More:

Join Technical Director Maurice Beinat to find out more on treating a cavity sliding door to eliminate draughts for good.