Compost-It | Specs

Compost-It is a cutting-edge solution that makes composting simpler and more effective for people who care about the environment by speeding up the process. This compost accelerator, weighing only 100 grams, is a strong instrument that will quickly turn your yard waste and kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil.

A combination of naturally occurring microorganisms that break down organic materials swiftly and efficiently is the main component of Compost-It. By accelerating the breakdown process, these advantageous bacteria lessen odors and draw in fewer pests. Compost-It will help you get the benefits of nutrient-rich soil for your plants sooner by cutting down on the amount of time it takes for your compost pile to mature.

Compost-It's eco-friendly recipe distinguishes it from other compost accelerators. This product is safe for the environment, your family, and your pets because it is made entirely of natural components. You may contribute to a more sustainable future and lessen your carbon footprint by using Compost-It.

Compost-It is the ideal answer for anyone wishing to enhance their composting process, regardless of experience level in gardening or composting. The health of your compost pile and the environment can be greatly improved with just 100 grams of this potent accelerator.


  • 100 grams of environmentally friendly compost accelerator