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RP17 - 19mm Gap | Sweep Seal

RP17 - 19mm Gap | Sweep Seal

Door Draught Excluder

Door Seals

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Door seal - The RP17 is a light duty, multi-purpose PVC sweep seal that can be cut to size during installation. This product is an inexpensive sweep seal.The flexible PVC wiping seal is designed to press up against an opposing surface. Sometimes a self adhesive weather strip is applied to the opposing surface to facilitate a complete seal.More robust sweep seals are RP5 (normally used for security doors) or RP26 (normally used with double doors). 


  • A low cost PVC door seal
  • Cut be cut to suit the door width during installation
    • Works to reduce draughts
    • Affordable
    • Does not interfere with the operation of the door
    • Moves with the door when it opens (unlike a door snake)
    Suitable For:  
    • Internal doors 
    • On the bottom of cavity sliding doors


    RP17 A light duty, multi-purpose PVC sweep seal



    Sweep seal height

    Covers gaps up to 19mm




    • White
    • Brown 
    Suitable for Installation at the base of:
    • Internal doors
    • Sliding doors
    • Double / French doors

    Note:  this is a light weight, self adhesive seal and will not have longevity in weather exposed locations. 
    More robust and longer lasting sweep seals would be the RP5 and the RP26 (which is often used with double doors). 


    Explore Sweep Seal Alternatives [Learn More]



    How To


    Q: What is it?
    A: It is a self adhesive PVC sweep seal that can be easily cut to size and fixed to the bottom of doors to prevent draught.

    Q: How does it work?
    A: It works to reduce draughts with a flexible PVC wiping seal that is designed to press up against an opposing surface. It is self adhesive so it’s easy to adhere the product to the surface in question.

    It’s important that a sweep seal such as the RP17 makes a definite seal against an opposing surface in order for it to be effective. If the RP17 simply hides the gap under the door without being pressed up onto something it will not stop draught.

    Q: Are there limitations to using the RP17?
    A: Yes, the RP17 is not suitable for exterior use.

    Q: How do I know if it’s been installed properly?
    A: You should see the blade of the RP17 flex as the door is latched. If it does not flex then it is not making a seal.


    Q: Can I collect my order?
    A: Yes you can!  A “Ready for Pickup” email will be sent to you when you order is ready to be collected.  Please click this link for the Click and Collect details.  Note:  this Collection Centre is in Preston Victoria, NOT Prestons in NSW. 

    Q: When will my order be despatched?
    A: Generally, your order will be despatched within 2 to 3 business days.    

    Q: Will my order be tracked?
    A: Yes!  When your order is consigned, you will receive a tracking number that will show you where your order is and its expected delivery date.  Track your order here

    Please note: Orders with two or more items may arrive in separate parcels with no additional shipping charge

    Q: When will my order be delivered?
    A: All over-sized orders are picked, packed and despatched within 3 business days.  Your order will be delivered by a specialist courier that specifically handles oversized items that cannot be delivered via Australia Post.
    Please note that this is a specialist courier NOT an express courier. Our experience with specialist couriers varies depending upon the delivery location.  Clearly delivery times will fluctuate at peak shipping times such as Christmas.

    Q: Authority to leave?
    A: The standard courier delivery option is "Authorised to Leave". That means that if there is no one home when the courier arrives, your order will be left at your address. If this is not appropriate, please advise when you place your order for alternative arrangements to be made.

    Q: What happens if my order is damaged in transit?
    A: Our freighters have very strict policies on the ability to claim on insurance if your order arrives damaged.  There is a 48 hour window of receipt of goods for ecoMaster being able to advise the freighters of a damage claim.  PLEASE ensure you have advised us IMMEDIATELY if an order has been damaged on arrival.  Open your order immediately and check.  Outside of the 48 hour window, we are unable to make an insurance claim. 

    Q: What happens if my order gets lost during transit?

    A: Occasionally we have had orders go missing. ecoMaster has solid procedures in place and photograph every order that leaves our warehouse.  If a delivery date appears to be beyond expectation, we will raise a query on your behalf.  If your order cannot be found during transit, we will send a replacement.  

    Q: What happens if my order is stolen after delivery?
    A: If your order is stolen from your home after delivery, please raise a Police report. 

    Q: How do I make my freight costs cheaper? 
    A: We hear you!  Oversized items are expensive to transport.  Any item over 1.5m long carries an additional $10 charge by the courier.   

    Potential cost effective freight alternatives are:

    • Share the costs of freight with a neighbour
    • Buy all your long items (such as Draught Dodgers) in one order (a second tube going to the same address is free)
    • Collect your order from Preston Victoria 

    If you live regionally or in a rural location, freight costs will be high.  Do you have an address in a town where your order can be safely delivered?   We also live regionally and understand the frustration with the high costs of freight!!


    Q: What is the product warranty for Raven door seals? 
    A: Raven door seals carry a product warranty of 2 years, but can be highly effective for much longer than that.  We have seen very few failures of Raven products over the 20+ years that we have been installing them.    

    Yes, they are slightly more expensive than other brands, but you only want to be installing your door seals once. 

    Q: What is the installation warranty for Raven door seals?
    A: As this is a DIY product there is no warranty on installation.  

    Q: How do I get some help? 
    A:  If you have any questions, contact the ecoMaster team. We are all ex-installers and have lived experience of installing thousands of Raven poroducts.  We are here to help you and share our extensive experience so you get a great outcome for your home. 

    Q: What do I do if I have a problem with this product?  
    A: Refer to our Returns / Refunds page [Learn More].  Our Research and Development team will be keenly interested to learn of any product failure and will want images and samples of the product (if possible) so they can determine what the cause of failure was.

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