DIY ecoGlaze Fixed Windows | How To

DIY ecoGlaze requires you to have good attention to detail and the ability to closely follow our step-by-step guide videos to achieve successful insulation.

There are 3 steps to installing ecoGlaze. Each step is detailed in a separate video. It is essential you watch all 3 videos before you begin your order in readiness to DIY install.

Step 1.

  • Estimate - determine the number of ecoGlaze fixed sets you will need before ordering.


Step 2.

  •  Measure all the lite dimensions accurately and cut each ecoGlaze component to size.


Step 3.

  • Fit the ecoGlaze to your lites.
  • Remeasure as explained in the ‘How to' video for the acrylic panel.
  • Order the acrylic panel from one of our suppliers or your own local supplier.
  • When your acrylic panel/s arrive – treat them with the utmost care. Whilst acrylic is extremely durable and almost unbreakable it can scratch.
  • Install the acrylic panel as per the video instructions. 


This is what you will need to measure up, order, and install ecoGlaze:

  • A metric measuring tape
  • Sharp pencil
  • Clean microfiber cloth
  • Small amount of blue tack
  • Hacksaw with a new fine-toothed blade 

Your DIY ecoGlaze installation kit which includes:

  • - 1 x purpose-made mitre box
  • - 3 x 100 mm long spacers
  • - 2 x adhesive tools
  • - 2 x test acrylic sections 

You will receive full instructions and detailed ‘How To’ videos when you order, sent directly to your inbox.

Be amazed with ecoGlaze.