DIY ecoGlaze On Sash | How To

DIY ecoGlaze requires you to have good attention to detail and the ability to closely follow our step-by-step guide videos to achieve successful insulation.

There are 3 steps to installing ecoGlaze. Each step is detailed in a separate video. It is essential you watch all 3 videos before you begin your order in readiness to DIY install.

DIY On-Sash requires 1 x On Sash Fit and Finish Kit per panel of glass 

Step 1. Preparation

  1. Measuring the top and bottom of your Window. 
  2. Cutting the top and bottom mouldings to size 
  3. Cleaning the Window in Readiness for ecoGlaze 

Step 2. Installing the Mouldings


  1. Install the Mini Seal to the Perimeter
  2. Install the Bottom Moulding and Acrylic Supports
  3. Install Top Moulding
  4. Measure the side Mouldings 
  5. Cut the Side Mouldings
  6. Install the Left Hand Moulding 
  7. Install the Right Hand Moulding 
  8. Fit End Caps from the On-Sash Fit and Finish Kit to the Mouldings. We found this step is easiest when completed with steps 6 and 7

Step 3. Installing the Acrylic

  1. Remove Mouldings from window 
  2. Double Check the size 
  3. Remove liner from the Acrylic
  4. Put Acrylic in place and replace mouldings over the top to secure it in place.