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Door Brush Seal - Draught Excluder - RP74 - 13mm - About

Brush Aside Draughts with Superior Quality RP74 Door Seals

The versatile RP74 Draught Brush Seal provides an effective seal to reduce draughts and noise in your home. It’s perfect for internal hinged doors, wooden doors, cavity sliding doors and external sliding doors.


  • * Raven RP 74 has a wide aluminium carrier.
  • * 1000mm length can be cut to size.
  • * Brush seal is sufficiently dense to stop most air infiltration.
  • * Brush covers gaps up to 13mm.
  • * Self-adhesive.
  • * Can be screw fixed for external doors (screws not supplied).
  • * Durable.
  • * Architectural quality.
  • * 2 year warranty as long as the product is installed according to our instructions. As it is a DIY product it does not carry an installation warranty as the quality of installation is out of our control.


  • * Versatile seal suitable for specific internal, external, cavity and sliding doors.
  • * Prevents draughts from entering living spaces so the temperature is maintained.
  • * Zones your house to reduce draughts from unused rooms or wet areas such as bathrooms.
  • * Improves the energy efficiency of your home.
  • * Does not interfere with operation of internal doors.

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