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Door Draught Perimeter Seal (RP78) - About

Your Noise, Smoke, and Draught Stopper all in One.


  • * Made in Australia
  • * BAL FZ
  • * Can be used on Smoke Doors
  • * Medium Duty Durability
  • * Acoustic design to help reduce noise
  • * Antimicrobial
  • * Keeps out Weather, Dust, and Draughts
  • * Concealed Screw Fix
  • * Does not interfere with the operation of the door
  • * Can be Mitred or Butt Joined
  • * Able to be used on arched door jambs


Protect you and your home with a fire door seal. The RP78 Door Draught Perimeter Seal is not only a fire rated door seal, it will also help restore the quiet and thermal comfort in your home by creating a tight seal around your doors.