RP78 | Acoustic BAL Rated | Perimeter Seal | How To

Tools You Will Need For Installation:

  • Measuring tape
  • Saw
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver 

Video Guide: 

Watch this video to learn how the RP78 Perimeter Seal works and how it is installed.


Pro Tips: 

  • For best acoustic performance use solid core doors
  • You can apply too much pressure onto the door which will flex the door and potentially make it hard to close. The seal should just touch the door.
  • Ensure to fit the screws in the centre of the fixing holes, this will allow you some adjustment room.
  • The silicone seal is durable however, it can be punctured by the tip of a driver. To avoid this pilot drill the jamb first, this will also make it easier to ensure the screws fit in the centre of the slot.

  • When fixing onto a metal door jamb we suggest you use a centre punch to mark the place of fixings on the metal. Use the drill or some of the self drilling screws to make the threaded fixing holes. Then fit the RP78 taking care to keep the driver tip on the screw head.

  • Pair with an RP35 for the door seal along with a RP4B treadplate.