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Door Seal - Draught Excluder RP35 - 3mm to 13mm Gap - About

Say Goodbye to Draughts with the RP35 Draught Stopper

Durable and medium-duty, our RP35 door seals help you eliminate costly, uncomfortable door draughts, once and for all.


  • * High quality, medium-duty, spring-loaded, automatic draught excluder.
  • * Adjustable actuator tab presses against the door jamb as the door is closed.
  • * Provides a seal along the bottom of the door.
  • * Cut to suit the exact dimensions of your door.
  • * Suitable for external doors and wooden doors.


  • * Works to improve energy efficiency, by reducing draughts.
  • * Shrinks energy bills, by minimising loss of conditioned air.
  • * Helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
  • * Prevents unwanted noise entering your home.
  • * Does not interfere with the operation of your door.
  • * Clever design allows inner seal to lower automatically as door closes.
  • * Architectural quality and built-in durability.
  • * Suitable for high-traffic homes, with prams, wheelchairs and walkers.
  • * Cuts down on dust and pollen.
  • * Helps keep insects, rodents and pests at bay.