RP35 | Up to 13mm Gap | Automatic Seal | About

An ingenious, in-built mechanism sets the RP35 door seal apart from its competitors. An internal blade automatically drops and seals when the door is closed, lifting out of the way when the door is opened.

We can show you how to create secure door seals that protect against weather and noise.  Durable and medium-duty, our RP35 door seals help you eliminate costly, uncomfortable door draughts, once and for all.


  • High quality, medium-duty, spring-loaded, automatic draught excluder
  • Adjustable actuator tab presses against the door jamb as the door is closed
  • Provides a seal along the bottom of the door
  • Cut to suit the exact dimensions of your door
  • Suitable for external doors and wooden doors


  • Works to improve energy efficiency, by reducing draughts
  • Shrinks energy bills, by minimising loss of conditioned air
  • Helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature
  • Prevents unwanted noise entering your home
  • Does not interfere with the operation of your door
  • Clever design allows inner seal to lower automatically as door closes
  • Architectural quality and built-in durability
  • Suitable for high-traffic homes with prams, wheelchairs and walkers
  • Cuts down on dust and pollen
  • Helps keep insects, rodents and pests at bay

Suitable for:

  • Single hinged doors (not suitable for double doors)
  • External double doors 
  • French doors 
  • Inward / outward opening doors 
  • Flat doorstep
  • Outward sloping threshold