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Door Sweep Seal - Draught Excluder - RP26 - 20mm Gap - About

How it Works:

The RP26 Draught Excluder is an elegant and super robust door bottom seal. It is a heavy duty sweep seal with concealed screw fixings for the bottom of doors. It can be cut to size during installation. Use this on the inside of inward opening doors, typically the front door.

The rubber wiping seal is used to press up against the inside of the doorstep or to friction-fit downwards onto the outside of the doorstep. 

For total door draught protection, use RP16 for the center seal and Draught Dodgers for the perimeter. 



  • * One (1) sweep seal



  • * Works on gap sizes of 5 mm - 20 mm
  • * Available in bronze or silver
  • * High quality product which works to reduce noise and draughts
  • * Does not interfere with the opening and closing of the door
  • * Raw timber, can be painted or stained to merge with the door frame
  • * Architectural quality
  • * Durable


Tools You Will Need For Installation:

  • * Measuring tape
  • * Pencil
  • * Saw
  • * Pliers


Suitable For:

  • * Inward opening doors
  • * Outward opening french doors
  • * External hinged doors
  • * Wooden doors

PRO TIP: The RP 26 looks more attractive with the RP26 fitted between them in a double door set.