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Door Sweep Seal - Draught Excluder - RP5 - 19mm Gap - Security Doors - Specs

Details / Specs: Self adhesive, or screw fix, zinc plated

Measurement: 920 mm

Size of Pack: Covers up to 19mm gaps

Weight: 1kg (including packaging)

Materials: Flexible EPDM, anodised aluminium

Made In: Australia

Tests: Fire Gasket flammability index <5 when tested to AS1530.2, Energy NCC Pt. & J3.4


Suitable for: 

  • * External hinged doors
  • * Bottom of Wooden & Aluminium doors
  • * Security screens
  • * Outward opening door
  • * Tilt up garage doors
  • * Sash Windows




Care instructions

There is no particular way to care for this product


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