GCE6 | Shugg / Frameless / Sashless Windows | FAQ

Q: What does Draught Excluder For Sashless Windows (GCE) do?
A: The GCE is a draught excluder for sashless windows.  These windows are also called frameless windows. 

Q: Is the GCE easy to install?
A: The GCE is very easy to install. All you have to do is measure, cut and place it. This window draught excluder just clips on the edge of the glass.

Q: What is the GCE made of?
A: The GCE is made from a high quality plastic, and brush.

Q: My window has 8mm glass, will the GCE fit?
A: No, the GCE will only fit on 6mm glass.

Q: Will this draught excluder fit on my double glazed frameless window?A: No, the GCE is designed for single pane frameless windows.

Q: Can I cut the seals to fit my windows?
A: Yes, they are most easily cut by hand using a hacksaw and mitre box. If you are planning to machine cut these (i.e. with a drop saw) then make a test cut first as some saw blades will shatter the moulding.

Q: Will you cut the seals to suit my windows?
A: No, we cannot facilitate cutting of the Draught Excluder For Sashless Windows (GCE).

Q: What fixings do I need?
A: You do not need any fixings to install the GCE.

Q: Does this help reduce noise?
A: This draught excluder may help reduce noise, however, that is not its intended purpose.

Q: Can I get the brush in grey?
A: The GCE6 is only available in black.  Grey has been available in the past, but can no longer be obtained.