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Draught Excluder for Shugg / Frameless / Sashless Windows (GCE) - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does Draught Excluder For Sashless Windows (GCE) do?
A: The GCE is a draught excluder for sashless windows.


Q: Is the GCE easy to install?
A: The GCE is very easy to install. All you have to do is cut and place it.


Q: How do you install the Excluder For Sashless Windows?
A: It’s as simple as measure, cut, and fit. The draught excluder just clips on the edge of the glass.


Q: What is the GCE made of?
A: The GCE is made from a high quality plastic, and brush.


Q: Do you have a recommended installer for sashless window excluders?
A: A recommended installer is highly location dependent. To find out if we have a recommended installer in your area please email, or call 1300 326 627.


Q: Can I collect my order?
A: Collection is not available at this time.


Q: Does this product carry a warranty?
A: Yes, the product carries a warranty for 2 years. Defective goods identified by the manufacturer will be replaced.


Q: My window has 8mm glass, will the GCE fit?
A: No, the GCE will only fit on 6mm glass.


Q: Will this draught excluder fit on my double glazed frameless window?
A: No, the GCE is designed for single frameless windows.


Q: Can I cut the seals to fit my windows?
A: Yes, they are most easily cut by hand using a hacksaw and mitre box. If you are planning to machine cut these (i.e. with a drop saw) then make a test cut first as some saw blades will shatter the moulding.


Q: Will you cut the seals to suit my windows?
A: No, we do not facilitate cutting of the Draught Excluder For Sashless Windows (GCE).


Q: What fixings do I need?
A: You do not need any fixings to install the GCE.


Q: Does this help reduce noise?
A: This draught excluder may help reduce noise, however, that is not its intended purpose.


Q: Can I exchange if they are the wrong size or colour?
A: The GCE6 is only available in black.  Grey has been available in the past, but can no longer be obtained.


Should you require any other information or advice please feel free to call our friendly sales staff on 1300 326 627. Or email us at, the team would be very happy to help!


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