EMV Slim Line Aluminium Sliding Window Seals | FAQ

Q: What does EMV for Aluminium Windows do? 

A: EMV stops draughts from coming in around your aluminium sliding windows. 

Q: Is EMV for Aluminium Windows easy to install? 

A: Yes it is easy but please be sure to watch the installation video and follow the instructions. 

Q: How do you install EMV for Aluminium Windows? 

A: It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Clean
  2. Measure & Cut
  3. Fold & Apply 

Q: What is EMV for Aluminium Windows made of? 

A: EMV is made out of plastic, with an adhesive on the back. 

Q: When should I use EMV? 

A: You can utilize EMV for many different uses. The most common applications are for when the original seal of aluminium sliding doors or windows is worn out, or when the gap of a hinged door is too small to apply other draught excluders. 


Q: Can I use EMV as a renter? 

A:  Yes, renters do not worry. EMV can easily be removed and therefore works well in rental applications. In most cases you do not even notice the EMV unless you are specifically looking for it.