Innovative and Quality Products


Driven by our passion for retrofit, our research and development is endless and turns out the best of industry products. We create and find only the best options that are available.


It’s simple really. Are you unsure if a product is best-in-class? Is it on the ecoMaster store? If not, then it’s probably not the best in class. 


When we can’t find the best-in-class product. We create it. It's just that simple. Can’t find a set of door seals that fit just about every single hinged door? We invented Draught Dodgers for Doors for that.


Want to decommission your ducted gas heating and block off the holes in your floor the easy way and avoid draughts, smells and rodent visitations?  We invented Goodbye Heating Vents


Not sure which caulk is the best for sealing up the gaps in your home? We did the testing - one thousand draught proofing products.  We know it’s Fullers Ultra Clear, so we stock it.