Joisties Fitting Tool | Steel Underfloors | About

Joisties Fitting Tools are designed to make installation of Joisties easy and accurate to avoid the guess work, wasted time and stress. Follow the step-by-step instructions for insulating steel framed floors and enjoy a comfy house in every season.


  • Powerful magnets strong enough to hold Joisties in the right position while the adhesive sets.
  • Easy to position and reposition.
  • Robust.
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia.


  • Can be used on box sections, C section floor joists and C section steel beams.
  • Easily positions and holds Joisties in the correct place while the adhesive sets.
  • Assists with accurate installation so insulation works effectively, which helps to regulate indoor temperatures and improve energy efficiency all year round.
  • Intact, glue-free Joisties Fitting Tools can be returned after use, for 50% refund on the purchase price.