Pet Waste 2 Pack | How To

The Pet Waste Wizard is a valuable tool for any environmentally conscious dog owner. It works effectively in controlling odours and breaking down dog waste, includes paper sachets filled with specialized bacteria.
Ideal for use with a homemade Dog Waste Digester, or it can also complement existing waste management systems.

How to:
* Cut the off the plastic bin but keep the lid 
* Plant the plastic bin in the garden bed so the soil is the "base" of the bin up to 10cm to 20cm into the ground
* Pick up the dog waste
* Put it into the digester - make sure the waste is damp-ish (about the consistency of a wet towel)  
* Sprinkle the Pet Waste Wizard over the top 
* Close the lid
* That's it! 
* The digester should always remain damp for optimal performance.
The bacteria will break down the waste and the worms will come up from underneath to do their bit as well! 

Each sachet is potent enough to treat the waste of one large dog, or two small dogs, for 30 days.
Note: Avoid adding waste to the digester immediately after worming treatments.
How to Guide: