Polymax R2.5 | Polyester Underfloor Insulation ACT Canberra | Delivery

Q: How will my order be delivered?
A: We will contact you to advise when your order can be manufactured and delivered to your home.  Your order will be delivered by a CSR driver. 

Q: Where can you deliver to?
A: Orders can be delivered to anywhere within Canberra and most surrounding regional areas.  However, the freight costs can become relatively high if you are in a regional or remote area. Please contact us with your location for a freight quote. 

Consider collaborating with your neighbours to share an order as the freight price is the same whether there are a few bags or the truck is filled to capacity.

Q: Can I collect my order from the Canberra Depot?  
A: No - the current ruling is that the new Depot is too busy with large B-double trucks to allow the public to bring a vehicle to the depot.  From an OH&S stand point, no collections are allowed from the Canberra Depot.  

Q: Can I collect my order from the Sydney manufacturing plant? 
A: Yes, you can.  Indicate that you want to collect from Sydney when you place your order.  You will be advised when your order is ready. 

Q:  Can I get a return excess insulation?
A:  No.  All Polymax orders are "made to order" and cannot be returned.  If you have excess insulation, please contact us and we will help you sell it via social media.  There is a bouyant market for polyester insulation.