Professional Caulking Gun | About

This caulking gun stands out for its smooth and reliable performance, along with rotating handles that make it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. It also boasts extra-long barrels that simplify tube reloads, and offers different thrust system options to comfortably handle any type of material.

  • Max performance caulk gun
  • Extra-long barrel
  • Powerful Twin Thrust dispensing system with 4 edges of valve plates
  • Auto Flow Stop system for efficient and quick flow control - the plunger withdraws a few millimetres after every push to stop the flow of sealant
  • 360° Rotating handle for easy manoeuvrability
  • Metal handle for extreme durability
  • Gear transmission ratio of 12:1
  • Compatible with 310ml cartridges
  • Conveniently located seal puncture pin
  • Steel welded barrel