Renshade Reflective Foil | Shading for Windows and Pergolas | Description

Renshade is an innovative Australian-made shading solution designed to keep homes and buildings cool on hot sunny days and allowing in gentle filtered light.

This reflective sun shade material is available in the form of perforated foil that can be easily installed with Velcro dots, used as roller blinds, or fitted into flyscreen frames.

It offers shading for windows, skylights, and pergolas, and is also ideal for use in caravans and RVs. Unlike window film insulation, Renshade is removable, allowing it to be taken down after hot weather and reinstalled the following summer

Key Benefits:

  • Keeps Heat Out: Reduces solar heat gain by up to 71%.
  • Reduces Air Conditioning: By up to 31%.
  • Reduces Visible Light: By up to 89% - reduces glare and filters light in your room.
  • Internal Privacy: allows views of the outdoors while maintaining privacy inside. However, at night the situation reverses, so installing an interior blind would be beneficial.
  • Easy to install: You only need a measuring tape, scissors, and velcro dots. No special tools or equipment required.
  • Low cost: a brilliant low cost solution for reducing summer heat and glare