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Renshade Reflective Foil - Windows and Pergolas - About

Protection Against The Harsh Summer Sun



  • * Brilliant low cost solution for reducing summer heat and glare
  • * Renshade is suitable for window shading or under pergolas
  • * Easy to install with no special tools or equipment 
  • * Renshade is perforated aluminium foil, cut to the size of your windows and fixed to the inside glass by Velcro spots
  • * Renshade keeps heat out - radiant heat flow is reduced by 85% while re-radiating only 3%
  • * Renshade reduces solar glare substantially but allows a far more gentle light into your home, protecting your furniture from premature fading
  • * Renshade allows views outside while ensuring internal privacy. But beware, at night the opposite occurs, so an internal blind would be useful
  • * Renshade reduces the need for and expense of air conditioning. In most cases, natural evening ventilation and ceiling fans should be enough to keep temperatures at a comfortable level
  • * Renshade is easy to install and easy to take down once summer is over. Just roll it up and store carefully until next summer
  • * Designed in Australia
  • * Manufactured in Australia