Terms of Service | Easy Install Kit


Easy Install Kit - Terms and Conditions:  


  • * Owner - The owner of the Equipment is ecoMaster Pty Ltd
  • * Hirer - The individual hiring the use of the Equipment
  • * Hire Period - The total time the Equipment is away from Owner’s premises
  • * Adjusted Hire Period - The Hire Period adjusted downwards to account for transit delays as defined below.  The Adjusted Hire Period is used to calculate the rental period to be charged.
  • * Online Store - https://ecomasterstore.com.au/
  • * Equipment - includes all components of the Easy Install Kit including the stapler, battery, charger, case and lock.

Period of Hire:

  • 1. Comment of the Hire Period - The Hire Period commences at the time of checkout from the Online Store.  
  • 2. Termination of the Hire Period - The Hire Period terminates when the Equipment is returned to the Owner’s premises and has been inspected.
  • 3. Commencement of Adjusted Hire Period - At the end of the Hire Period the commencement of the Adjusted Hire Period will be the commencement of the Hire Period reduced to either:
    • a. When the Equipment is delivered to the premises of the hirer in the case of the Equipment being delivered with the insulation. 
    • b. OR when Australia Post notifies the Owner and Hirer that the Equipment is available at the destination Post Office chosen by the Hirer.
  • 4. Termination of the Adjusted Hire Period - At the end of the Hire Period the termination of the Adjusted Hire Period will be the termination of the Hire Period adjusted back to proof of lodgement of the Equipment with Australia Post for delivery to the Owner.
  • 5. Hirer acknowledges the Owner will deduct the weekly rental fee from the Hirer’s credit card during the Hire Period.  Hirer also warrants not to knowingly cause any hindrance to the charging of the rental fees during the Hire Period.
  • 6. Hirer agrees that rental fees apply to the Adjusted Hire Period.
  • 7. At the earliest practical time Owner will refund Hirer the difference between: 
    • a. the fees paid by the Hirer for the Hire Period and 
    • b. the fees due for the Adjusted Hire Period less any charges incurred from Appendix 1 in accordance with the conditions set out below.


  • 8. Hirer consents to the Owner storing Hirer’s details including Driver's license & credit card details for the duration of the Hire Period.
  • 9. Hirer must acknowledge to all persons the Equipment is hired from the Owner
  • 10. Equipment must be returned clean, sanitized and in the same working condition as when hired.
  • 11. Equipment returned in a dirty state will incur a cleaning fee as defined in Appendix 1.
  • 12. Hirer acknowledges that Equipment was in good and working condition at the hire commencement.
  • 13. Hirer agrees to collect Equipment from their nominated Post Office within 3 weeks of notification of its arrival.  Failure to do so will result in the Equipment being returned to the Owner.  Hire fees will still apply.
  • 14. Non return of Equipment will cause recovery procedures to be instigated. The Hirer will become liable for all of the accompanying costs. If the Hirer does not return Equipment within 7 days of the end of the agreed hire period, Owner is entitled to assume that Hirer has converted the Equipment and the Owner will furnish a police report.
  • 15. Hirer must not change the lock combination. Failure to adhere will incur an amendment fee as defined in Appendix 1.
  • 16. Hirer to keep used T50 staples and box. (partial refund not possible)
  • 17. Unused and undamaged T50 staple boxes may be returned for a refund provided that the Owner deems the box of staples to be in salable condition.  The Owner’s decision is final.
  • 18. Equipment is packed, unpacked, inspected and tested under video surveillance.  The video recordings may be used as evidence of Equipment damage or failure to clean the Equipment.
  • 19. Damaged Equipment will result in the individual unit cost being charged to client’s credit card.  Component charges can be found in Appendix 1.
  • 20. Equipment is wholly at risk of Hirer during the Adjusted Hire Period.  Hirer is liable for all theft, loss and damage whether to Equipment or by Equipment during the Adjusted Hire Period.
  • 21. Hirer must not lease, hire, bail or give possession (sub-hire) the Equipment to another under any circumstances.
  • 22. Equipment must be used:
    • a. In accordance with instructions, whether provided by Owner or the tools manufacturer
    • b. With due care and in accordance with normal operation requirements and usage
    • c. by component persons
    • d. Solely for the purposes and in the manner for which the Equipment was designed 
  • 23. Hirer is satisfied that the Equipment is suitable and appropriate for Hirer’s proposed use and has not relied solely on Owner’s advice as to adequacy of Equipment.
  • 24. If Equipment is damaged, the Hirer must immediately give notice to the Owner and act in accordance with the owner's instructions.
  • 25. Hirer must safeguard the Equipment against all foreseeable risks at all times.
  • 26. Hirer must not tamper with, damage or repair the Equipment.
  • 27. Hire rates do not include consumables. 

Appendix 1.

Ancillary fees and charges:

  • Replacement Stapler Body - $189.00
  • Replacement Battery - $110.00
  • Replacement Battery Charger - $119.00
  • Cleaning Fee - $35.00
  • Minimum Non-return Recovery Fee - $200.00
  • Lock Amendment Fee - $45

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at sales@ecomaster.com.au.