Tim Forcey - My Efficient Electric Home Handbook | About

This handbook isn’t just a manual; it’s your gateway to a home transformation.

Tim Forcey doesn’t just show you how to turn down the thermostat—he shows you how to turn up your home’s efficiency game! Dive in and start saving like a boss.

Expert Guidance with a Twist: Authored by Tim Forcey, not just an expert but a veritable energy-saving wizard with a decade of spell-casting (aka advising) in home energy efficiency.

DIY Projects You'll Actually Enjoy: Packed with easy-to-follow DIY projects that won’t just gather dust on your shelf. These are actionable, effective, and, dare we say, fun ways to zap your energy bills.

Everything But the Energy Sink: From basic energy-saving spells to advanced incantations, this handbook covers it all. It’s like the encyclopedia of energy efficiency but way cooler.

Tales from the Trenches: Features case studies and real-world examples from over 1000 home assessments, where energy bills go to die.

Star-Studded Shoutouts: Tim’s wisdom has lit up major Australian media platforms, adding that celeb sparkle to the solid advice within.

Pocket More, Spend Less: Uncover secret strategies to dramatically reduyce your home's energy bills.  Its like finding money behind the couch, but every month. 

Comfort Without the Cost:  Learn techniques to keep your home comfy without turning it into a bank-breaking oven or icebox.

Save the World, Stay in Pajamas: Make an environmental impact from the comfort of your home by implementing Tim’s sustainable solutions.

Brain Gains: Amp up your understanding of energy efficiency. By the end, you’ll be dropping knowledge bombs at dinner parties like a pro.

Join the Cool Club: Gain entry to an exclusive community of over 100,000 like-minded folks in the "My Efficient Electric Home" Facebook group. It’s like the VIP lounge for energy savers.