Valvecosy™ Insulating Cover | Description

The Valvecosy™ Insulating Cover is fitted on your hot water service valve. It helps you save energy and money by reducing heat loss from your water heat tank via your Pressure Temperature Relief (PTR) valve. Independent laboratory testing indicated that the installation of a Valve Cosy resulted in a 5.6% reduction in heat loss.

This easy-to-fit cover is designed to fit neatly over your valve. Valvecosy™ can be clipped easily in a matter of seconds and does not require any tools for installation.

Insulating your PTR valve with Valvecosy™ could save you 7% on your hot water service bills. It quickly pays for itself over its lifespan. 

Many variables influence the amount of heat and thus energy loss from a PTR valve. There are so many bonuses to using it! It can reduce heat loss, conserve energy, save money, and more.

Watch this video to know how it’s installed!