Velcro Tabs For Renshade Reflective Foil | FAQ

Q: What do the Velcro Tabs do?
A: Velcro Tabs help the Renshade stay in place on windows, and various other surfaces. 

Q: Are Velcro Tabs easy to use?
A: Velcro Tabs are just as easy to use as tape.

Q: How do you install Velcro Tabs?
A: To use the Velcro Tabs you simply peel off the backing and stick it in place.

Q: How long does it take from ordering to delivery?
A: Delivery is highly dependent on where you have ordered your delivery to. Metro areas are typically within 5 days, regional areas have a longer delivery time.

Q: What are Velcro Tabs made of?
A: The Velcro Tabs are made from nylon, and polyester.

Q: Can I collect the Velcro Tabs?
A: Collection is not available at this time.

Q: How far from the edge of Renshade should the tabs be?
A: The velcro tabs should be about 20mm (2cm) away from the edge of Renshade.

Q: How far apart should the tabs be from each other?
A: The Velcro tabs should be roughly 300mm apart (or 30cm) from each other.

Q: What are the dimensions?
A: Each tab is 22mm in diameter.

Q: What fixings do I need?
A: Additional fixings are optional, and largely dependant on how you are wanting to install Renshade.