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Professional Caulking Gun

Professional Caulking Gun

DIY Home Assessment

Victoria Only

7 Day Tool Rental

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To get your thermal energy efficiency retrofits projects moving along smoothly and with minimal waste, you really need to get the best tools to help you. But really, BUYING quality tools that you are only going to use for a short period of time, is such a waste of money!ecoMaster installers always used the best quality tools; so we tested caulking guns over many years. The installation teams agreed that the Tajima Dripless Open Frame Super 12 caulking gun was the perfect tool for caulking. This top-of-the-line caulking gun is a must-have for professional contractors or DIY enthusiasts. And now, it's available for weekly rental!Crafted with the highest quality materials and a sturdy, open frame design, the Tajima Dripless caulking gun offers unparalleled precision and control. Whether you're working with silicone (please don’t use silicone -read why here) or acrylic (such as Ultraclear), this gun delivers smooth and consistent application without messy drips or smears.Thanks to its innovative dripless technology, you can enjoy a cleaner and more efficient caulking experience. No more wasted material or frustrating cleanup - just a beautifully finished project every time.And with its easy-load design and comfortable grip, this caulking gun is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to work longer and with greater ease. Simply load your caulking tube and go!At ecoMaster, we understand the importance of having the right tools for the job. That's why we're keen to provide a range of quality tools for rent, including the Tajima Dripless Open Frame Super 12 caulking gun. If you're tackling small gaps and cracks or have a whole leaky home to seal up, this gun is the perfect solution. So why wait? Book yours today and experience the difference!


This caulking gun stands out for its smooth and reliable performance, along with rotating handles that make it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. It also boasts extra-long barrels that simplify tube reloads, and offers different thrust system options to comfortably handle any type of material.

  • Max performance caulk gun
  • Extra-long barrel
  • Powerful Twin Thrust dispensing system with 4 edges of valve plates
  • Auto Flow Stop system for efficient and quick flow control - the plunger withdraws a few millimetres after every push to stop the flow of sealant
  • 360° Rotating handle for easy manoeuvrability
  • Metal handle for extreme durability
  • Gear transmission ratio of 12:1
  • Compatible with 310ml cartridges
  • Conveniently located seal puncture pin
  • Steel welded barrel


  • Tajima Dripless Open Frame Super 12 caulking gun
  • Made in Japan
  • Compatible with 310ml tubes of sealant
  • Black / Red
  • Weights 710g
  • NOTE: Not compatible with sausage format products


How To

How the ecoMasterStore's rental system works:

Renting the Caulking Gun is simple. 

It is a 7 day booking - FRIDAY TO FRIDAY 

  1. Pay the rental fee online
  2. The Rental fee will be automatically debited to your payment preference.  
  3. Pick up the gun from the ecoMasterStore’s collection centre in Preston, Melbourne, Victoria on FRIDAY AFTERNOON. 
  4. Return it to the same collection centre when you have finished within 7 days and before MIDDAY the following FRIDAY. 
  5. No time extensions can be allowed unless via prior arrangement.  The caulking guns are fully booked and the next person is waiting. 

Where to use the caulking gun

Firstly, the very best sealant is Ultraclear - click here to see why Ultraclear is the best sealant for gaps and cracks and click here to see why using silicone is a draught stopping mistake. 

And here are videos on four of the more common gaps and cracks to seal in a home. 

Also, check our Draught Proofing details on ecoMaster, learn more about insulation at and find about glazing windows here.


Q: What types of sealants can I use with the Tajima Dripless Open Frame Super 12 Caulking Gun in Australia?

A: The Tajima Dripless Open Frame Super 12 Caulking Gun can be used with a variety of sealants, including acrylic, silicone, and polyurethane. 

Q: How do I load sealant into the Tajima Dripless Open Frame Super 12 Caulking Gun?
A: To load sealant into the Tajima Dripless Open Frame Super 12 Caulking Gun, first cut the tip of the sealant cartridge at a 45-degree angle. Insert the cartridge into the gun, making sure the nozzle lines up with the gun's plunger. Then, twist the plunger to load the sealant.

Q: How do I control the speed and flow of sealant from the Tajima Dripless Open Frame Super 12 Caulking Gun?
A: The Tajima Dripless Open Frame Super 12 Caulking Gun features an adjustable trigger and a thumb-activated pressure release. Adjusting the trigger allows you to control the speed and flow of sealant, while the pressure release stops the flow of sealant immediately when released.

Q: How do I clean the Tajima Dripless Open Frame Super 12 Caulking Gun after use?
A: To clean the Tajima Dripless Open Frame Super 12 Caulking Gun, first remove any excess sealant from the nozzle using a scraper or other tool. Then, use a caulking gun cleaner or mineral spirits to clean the gun. Rinse with water and dry thoroughly before returning to ecoMaster.

Q: Where can I purchase the Tajima Dripless Open Frame Super 12 Caulking Gun in Australia?
A: You can purchase the Tajima Dripless Open Frame Super 12 Caulking Gun at specialist hardware stores. We believe ecoMaster provide the only weekly rental service.

Q: I’m not really sure how or where to start? 
A: That is no problem at all. ecoMaster has a series of ecoMasterClasses on just about every topic of energy efficiency. All the information is totally free. Click here to check it out.


Collection Only 

  • Call 1300 326 627 to book your rental.
  • Pay using a credit card.
  • The Hirer must pick up from the ecoMaster Store’s collection centre in Preston at the commencing date of the booking. Photo Id will be required.
  • A credit card is required for hire and as security against damage or theft.
  • Your booking will commence after midday on Fridays.
  • You must return the rental equipment to the ecoMaster collection centre at Preston, ready for the next person to use by 9am the following Friday. 

How will my order be delivered? 

Your rental equipment is not delivered (unless it is part of a bigger order where delivery has been paid for). 

Where can I rent the equipment from?

The Power-Mate can be picked up and delivered to Preston in Melbourne only.  Either Tuesday to Tuesday or Friday to Friday rental.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Highly recommended to try!

We already have 2 caulking guns of our own. I'd been using the better of the two however it was very slow progress to fill the gaps around our home.

When I saw EcoMaster was hiring out caulking guns, I thought it worth trying theirs and am so glad I did. The handle is far more comfortable and the anti-drip feature means I don't waste Fillers Ultra Clear each time I pause during my work.

I've since bought the same type of caulking gun and will continue sealing the many gaps and cracks around our home.

Thank you for your wonderful review Elise. We are very pleased to hear that our products and services have been able to improve your homes comfort. We look forward to seeing you again.