Compost-It 100g


Compost-It® is a 100 grams of environmentally friendly compost accelerator enhancer that helps produce nutrient rich compost in just 4-weeks.

Not millions but BILLIONS of colony forming units (CFU’s) of natures microbial wonder workers make up Biomaster’s Compost-It® product. This diverse array of naturally occurring micro-organisms were selected for their ability to breakdown (bio-degrade) leaves, grass, garden waste & kitchen food scraps into their basic components, converting your waste into nutrient rich compost, which in turn is used to feed your plants, improve your soil and save water.

Why use Compost-It® for your organic waste?
Easy to use – just sprinkle through out the material to be composted.
Promotes high core temperature, accelerating the composting process.
Reduces foul odours.
Nutrient rich.
High concentration & biologically diverse.
Each 100g Spout Pouch will produce approximately 20 x 20 litre bags of compost.


Australian Made & Owned

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