Draught Dodgers for Awning or Casement Windows

Are your awning / casement windows draughty? 

Are your bedrooms, lounge rooms and kitchen draughty?  
Do you catch the whip of cold air around your ankles? 
And does your home just refuse to keep warm in the winter?  
In the summer does the inside temperature match the outside temperature? 

We all know that windows were made to let in fresh air.
But it is much better if WE decide when to ventilate our homes,
rather than it happening all the time.  

Control your ventilation with the worlds' best, award winning solution! 

Draught proofing your windows will avoid you having to get in an expensive window repair person - for something that is easy to fix with quality products. 

What are Draught Dodgers for Awning Windows...
The Draught Dodgers for Awning Windows Kit is a product unique to ecoMaster. They are a self adhesive, 15mm x 10mm timber carrier fitted with a high quality, black, mini compressive seal. This product is easily cut to size during installation to fit your windows perfectly. 
Why use it...
Draught Dodgers stops draughts entering your home from around the edge of awning or casement windows.  It is easily fitted to provide a perfect seal all around the window, even if there is a larger gap in one spot and a smaller gap in another.
How it works...
The kit is fitted so that the compressive seal presses lightly against the window as it is closed, creating an air tight seal around the entire perimeter of your window. 
When to use it...
Draught Dodgers for Awning Windows Set are used to provide an air-tight seal around the sides, top and bottom of an awning window. This set can also be used for some casement windows.

What is in each kit...
  • 3 x Draught Dodger moulding each 2.4m long
  • Each moulding is 15mm wide x 10mm thick with self-adhesive strip
  • With black mini compressive seal fitted to each moulding
The Benefits...
  • Reduces draughts
  • Works to reduce noise
  • Works well on un-even gaps and up to 10mm gaps
  • Does not interfere with window operation
  • Can be painted or stained to match existing joinery
  • Compressive seal gently meets the face of the window frame, preventing strain on the winding mechanism
  • Architectural quality
  • Durable from sustainably harvested timber 
  • Award winning Australian invention
  • Australian made

This kit is also suitable for...

  • Casement windows 
  • Push out windows 
  • Wind-out windows 
  • Tilt out windows 
  • Barn door windows 

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