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Polymax | Polyester Wall Insulation Batts

Polymax | Polyester Wall Insulation Batts

Wall Batts

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Made from 45% recycled plastic bottles
  • Not itchy, non toxic, non allergenic
  • Australian Made
  • Returns within 30 days




  • 100% polyester
  • Eco-friendly, made out of 45% recycled component
  • Non-irritant, non-toxic, non-allergenic, no itch, and no glass fibres
  • Hydrophobic - does not hold moisture 
  • Mould and rodent resistant
  • Fireproof - complies well beyond the BCA Standard
  • No glues to hold the fibres together - it is heat bonded
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • 70-year durability warranty


  • Safe for you and your family
  • High performance for optimal effectiveness
  • Will not slump in your walls over time 
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers and it is non allergenic
  • High-quality solution that lasts the lifetime of your home
  • Can be safely handled without protective equipment, gloves, or masks
  • Improves the value of your home



    R - Value Thickness (mm)   Size 
    Batts Per Pack Coverage 
    (m2 per pack)
    R2.0 75 1160x430 8 4.0
    R2.0 75 1160x580 8 5.4
    R2.0 90 1160x430 10 5.0
    R2.0 90 1160x580 10 6.7



    How To

    Tools You Will Need For Installation:

    • Knife/blade
    • Clothes you don't mind getting dirty

    Polymax wall batts are easy to install. Just follow these "how to" videos: 



    Q: Do you have a warranty for this Insulation batts?
    A: The insulation product has a warranty of 50 years. You will need to retain the information displayed on the label on the outside of each pack. Namely the batch number to exercise any possible claim.

    Q: How about for the product installation, do you have a warranty for it?
    A: As it is a DIY product, we cannot provide an installation warranty, as the installation process is outside of our control. However, if ecoMaster provides installation, we can comfortably guarantee that our installation process will last 10 years provided that there will be no external force applied - just as other trades or the impact of wombats.


    Q: How will my order be delivered?
    A: We will contact you to advise when your order can be manufactured and delivered to your home.  

    Q: Where can you deliver to?
    A: Orders can be delivered to just about anywhere within Australia. However, the freight costs can become relatively high if you are in a regional or remote area. Please contact us with your location for a freight quote. 

    Consider collaborating with your neighbours to share an order as the freight price is the same whether there are a few bags or the truck is filled to capacity.

    Q: Can I collect my order from the Sydney manufacturing plant? 
    A: Yes, you can.  When your order is ready for collection, you will be advised.

    Q:  Can I get a return excess insulation?
    A:  No.  All Polymax orders are "made to order" and cannot be returned.  If you can excess insulation, please contact us and we will help you sell it via social media.  There is a buoyant market for polyester insulation.


    Q: What is the product warranty for all the insulation products in the Sample Kit?
    A: Polymax carries a product warranty of 70 years, Greenstuff and Value Poly both carry a 50 year warranty.
    However, all three brands can be highly effective for much longer than that. We have not yet seen a 'failed' polyester product.
    It is incredibly robust and is not damaged by the elements that would generally damage other types of insulation such as rodents and water / storm damage. 

    Q: What is the installation warranty?
    A: As these are DIY products there is no warranty on installation.  

    If you have any questions, contact the ecoMaster team. We are all ex-installers and have done this work thousands of times before. We are here to help you.


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