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Power Mate - Energy Measuring Socket

Power Mate - Energy Measuring Socket

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7 Day Tool Rental

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A Power-Mate allows you to measure Power, Cost, Energy, Greenhouse Gas generated by your plug in appliances. It is brilliant at finding the silent energy thieves in your home.The Power-Mate is a digital energy power metre that can precisely calculate power, volts, amps, and energy usage. Whilst there is a 15 Amp model,the model for rent is 10 Amps only.Using the Power-Mate is straightforward: plug it into a power outlet, then connect the appliance you want to measure. The device will display the instant power usage and can also remain plugged in for an extended time to monitor energy consumption accurately. With the Power-Mate, you can quickly figure out where the power is being used in your home or office.The Power-Mate can display power use over a day, month, or year, and its flying leads allow for flexible placement in awkward locations. It can measure very low energy (down to 0.01W), making it a handy tool for energy-conscious users.Made in Australia, the Power-Mate even has the ability to measure standby currents as low as 1mA, making it one of the most precise power metres on the market. Plus, with its sturdy construction, the Power-Mate is built to last.The savings you gain from using a Power-Mate to identify the energy thieves in your home, will quickly offset the cost of renting it!Many councils now offer free rental of Power Mates. However, the waiting time can be quite long. If you don’t want to wait, rent ours!


The Power-Mate 10A power metre made in Australia has several features and benefits that make it a popular choice among users: 


  • 1. Measures real-time energy usage in kilowatt hours (kWh).
  • 2. Large LCD display for easy reading.
  • 3. Compact size and lightweight design.
  • 4. Accuracy of +/- 1% to ensure precise measurements.
  • 5. Compatible with single-phase AC systems up to 10A.


  • 1. Helps monitor energy consumption and save on electricity bills.
  • 2. Easy to install and operate without the need for professional assistance.
  • 3. Cost-effective compared to other energy monitoring devices.
  • 4. Provides valuable insight into the usage patterns of electrical appliances.
  • 5. Helps to reduce carbon footprint and contribute to environmental sustainability.

The Power-Mate 10A power metre made in Australia is a reliable and cost-effective tool for monitoring energy consumption that can benefit both households and businesses. It is especially cost effective when rented for a week!


  • Power-Mate PM10A – Rugged 10A power metres
  • Made to measure appliances that plug into a 10 Amp power point only


How To


How the ecoMasterStore's rental system works:

Renting the Power Mate 10A is simple. 

It is a 7 day booking - FRIDAY TO FRIDAY 

  1. Pay the rental fee online
  2. The Rental fee will be automatically debited to your payment preference.  
  3. Pick up the gun from the ecoMasterStore’s collection centre in Preston, Melbourne, Victoria on FRIDAY AFTERNOON. 
  4. Return it to the same collection centre when you have finished within 7 days and before MIDDAY the following FRIDAY. 
  5. No time extensions can be allowed unless via prior arrangement.  The Power-Mates are fully booked and the next person is waiting. 

Also, check our Draught Proofing details on ecoMaster, learn more about insulation at and find about glazing windows here.


Q: What is the accuracy of the Power-Mate 10A Power Meter?

A: The accuracy of the Power-Mate 10A Power Meter is +/- 1%. 

Q: What is the maximum current that can be measured by the Power Mate 10A Power Meter?
A: What is the maximum current that can be measured by the Power Mate 10A Power Meter?

Q: Is the Power Mate 10A Power Meter suitable for both single-phase and three-phase systems?
A: Is the Power Mate 10A Power Meter suitable for both single-phase and three-phase systems?

Q: What is the operating temperature range of the Power-Mate 10A Power Meter?
A: What is the operating temperature range of the Power-Mate 10A Power Meter?

Q: I’m not really sure how or where to start?
A: That is no problem at all. ecoMaster has a series of ecoMasterClasses on just about every topic of energy efficiency. All the information is totally free. Click here to check it out.


Collection Only 

  • Call 1300 326 627 to book your rental.
  • Pay using a credit card.
  • The Hirer must pick up from the ecoMaster Store’s collection centre in Preston at the commencing date of the booking. Photo Id will be required.
  • A credit card is required for hire and as security against damage or theft.
  • Your booking will commence after midday on Fridays.
  • You must return the rental equipment to the ecoMaster collection centre at Preston, ready for the next person to use by 9am the following Friday. 

How will my order be delivered? 

Your rental equipment is not delivered (unless it is part of a bigger order where delivery has been paid for). 

Where can I rent the equipment from?

The Power-Mate can be picked up and delivered to Preston in Melbourne only.  Either Tuesday to Tuesday or Friday to Friday rental.


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