Renshade Reflective Rolls for Windows and Pergolas

Wondering how to keep your home cool in hot weather? Keep your home at a comfortable temperature and enjoy spending time under your pergola this summer.

Renshade is the best solution for reflecting the heat of the sun away from your windows and polycarbonate pergola.

It's cost-effective, easy to install and works extremely well to stop the sun getting in and heating up your home.

What is Renshade? It's a perforated silver material for reflecting the sun away from your home, it's made of foil-laminated cardboard and is available in long rolls so that you can cut it perfectly to size to stop the sun coming in your windows or underneath your hot pergola. It's a great alternative to solar control films because it's a flexible, temporary solution that can be easily removed and put aside for the colder months. 

Renshade is 135cm wide and is available in 5m, 10m and 20m rolls.

How it Works on Windows:

How to Fit Renshade on the Inside of Your Windows:

Stop heat getting trapped under your pergola and coming into your home.

If you have a polycarbonate pergola, you'll know how hot it can be underneath it in summer, and you'll also know how much of that heat is also coming into your home. Renshade is the best way to keep your pergola cool, reflecting the sun away from it's clear plastic roofing while still letting in about 15% of the light.

This solution is suitable for stopping the sun under all types of pergolas, including the following brands:

      • Laserlite 
      • Makrolon 
      • Danpalon
      • Suntuf
      • Multiwall
      • Twin Wall
      • Durashield
      • and any other transparent roofing!

How it Works Fitted Under Pergolas:

How to Fit Renshade Reflective Screens Under a Hot Pergola:





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