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Start That Thing, Finish That Thing

Start That Thing, Finish That Thing

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You Only Need One Good Reason

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Are you the eternal planner, the perennial procrastinator, or know someone who is?

"Start That Thing, Finish That Thing" is the no-nonsense guide you need to kick-start your motivation and carry you across the finish line. This book is a unique blend of tough love, practical motivation, and a healthy dose of humour.

Ali Fowler has crafted a concise, engaging handbook that speaks directly to the procrastinator in all of us. Whether it's that project you've shelved for months or the hobby you've been dying to pick up, this book offers 100 compelling reasons to get moving. Each page is designed to reflect a part of you, promising a moment of self-recognition and a chuckle or two along the way.

Perfect as a gift for the chronic starter in your life or as a personal catalyst to finally do the things you've dreamed about, "Start That Thing, Finish That Thing" is more than just a book—it's a playful nudge towards achieving your goals.

Don't think about it, just do it.

This book is your first step towards action.

Grab a copy and finally start (and finish) that thing!


Features of This Guide:

Concise and Humorous: With its witty and succinct style, this book cuts to the chase, making it an easy, enjoyable read.

Relatable Content: Each section of the book is designed to resonate deeply, reflecting common experiences and feelings associated with starting and completing projects.

100 Inspirational Reasons: Filled with a plethora of reasons that not only motivate but also educate, helping you overcome inertia and get moving on your personal projects.

Benefits of Reading This Guide:

Boosts Motivation: Whether you struggle to start or have difficulty finishing, this book provides the necessary push to get you going and keep you moving.

Sparks Self-Reflection: Prepare to see yourself in the pages and gain insights into your procrastination habits, with a good-hearted laugh at your quirks.

Action-Oriented Advice: Each chapter ends with a call to action, making it not just a read but a playbook for taking immediate steps.

Versatile Gift Idea: An ideal gift for anyone who needs a little encouragement to finally act on their ideas or wrap up their ongoing projects.

Perfect For:

Individuals looking for a light yet effective guide to tackling procrastination.

Friends or family members known for their great ideas but lack follow-through.

Teams needing a morale boost to complete projects.

Anyone starting their energy efficiency retrofit journey!

"Start That Thing, Finish That Thing" isn't just a book—it's your personal cheerleader and coach, compacted into a format that's as fun to read as it is practical.

Get ready to turn those "I'll do it someday" into "I did it today!"


"Start That Thing, Finish That Thing" isn’t just a book; it’s an action plan for turning dreams into reality. Perfect for anyone who needs a nudge to get moving or a push to cross the finish line. Why wait? Start spreading love and motivation today!

Book Dimensions: 23cm x 15.5cm x 1cm

Extra Perks: Each book comes with an ecoMaster bookmark, brimming with discounts and special deals to help you on your path to productivity.


Super Easy

How To

How to "Install" Motivation and Achievement into Your Life 

This isn't your average instructional manual; it's a dynamic guide to kicking procrastination to the curb and embracing productivity. Here's how to weave this essential toolkit into the fabric of your daily routine:

Flip the First Page: Approach opening this book as if you’re unlocking a door to new possibilities and unexplored territories of your personal and professional life.

Browse the Chapters: Each page turn is a step closer to initiating and completing your long-delayed projects. Imagine each flip as laying down another brick on your pathway to success.

Absorb the Insights: Absorb the motivational nuggets and insightful strategies like a sponge. Let the energizing words infuse your spirit with a can-do attitude.

Put the Strategies into Action: Apply the actionable advice incrementally, tackling your goals one at a time, just as you would methodically add layers to a masterpiece painting.

Revisit and Reinforce: Mastery doesn't come from a single read. Like a gardener tending to a garden, revisit and nurture your newfound habits to cultivate a landscape of productivity and fulfilment.

Think of reading this book as programming your mindset for success.
No additional equipment is required—just you, this guide, and a resolve to transform your ideas into accomplishments.

It's a personal development project where the guidebook is your catalyst for change.

Gear up to transform your approach to projects and tasks, one motivational page at a time!


Q: What can I expect to learn from "Start That Thing, Finish That Thing"?A: This book offers a practical and humorous approach to overcoming procrastination and completing your projects. You'll learn how to initiate tasks, maintain momentum, and cross the finish line with your goals through actionable advice and motivational insights.

Q: Who should read "Start That Thing, Finish That Thing"?
A: Anyone who finds themselves starting projects with enthusiasm but struggling to complete them will benefit from this book. It's also ideal for individuals looking for a motivational boost to tackle new challenges or finish long-overdue tasks.

Q: How long will it take to see results after implementing the strategies in the book?
A: The impact can be felt as soon as you begin applying the techniques discussed in the book. However, the time to see tangible results can vary depending on the individual’s dedication to applying the principles consistently.

Q: Is "Start That Thing, Finish That Thing" suitable for professional projects, or is it just for personal goals?
A: While the book is geared primarily towards personal development, the strategies are universal and can be effectively applied to professional projects as well. It’s an excellent resource for improving productivity and project completion in any area of your life.

Q: What makes this book different from other motivational books?
A: "Start That Thing, Finish That Thing" stands out due to its blend of humour, realism, and practicality. Ali Fowler provides not just inspiration but also relatable content that addresses the common pitfalls of procrastination with a lighthearted, approachable tone. This makes the guidance not only easy to understand but also fun to implement.


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Imagine a world where every book comes with a promise of personal growth - that's the inspiration behind Ali Fowler's "Start That Thing, Finish That Thing."

While we can’t offer a formal warranty on your personal achievements, think of this book as your personal commitment to overcoming procrastination.

Dive into its pages, and it’s like signing a pact to complete your projects and achieve your goals.

A bold claim? Absolutely.

But with Ali Fowler's strategies at your fingertips, you’re essentially arming yourself with the motivational tools needed to kickstart and complete your endeavours.

Consider it a warranty for a more productive and accomplished you!

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