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Easy Install Kit - Stapler Rental

Easy Install Kit - Stapler Rental

DIY Home Assessment

Victoria Only

7 Day Tool Rental

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The Easy Install Kit is ecoMaster’s all in one DIY Underfloor Insulation installation kit for those looking to get the job done in a fast and safe manner at a fraction of the cost of buying quality tools outright.

The Easy Install Kit is HIRED on a WEEKLY BASIS. You pick it up and return it to the Preston (Victoria) office.

 The Kit includes:

  • * (1) 12V Milwaukee Stapler with Battery 
  • * (1) Charger 
  • * (1) Robust safe carry case  

Note:  Staples are not included.  

Purchase staples separately; they can be shipped with your kit. Order Staples Here

For more information, go to:


Why use our Easy Install Kit?

  • The battery powered stapler decreases risk of repetitive motion injuries
  • Double insulated for your safety
  • Contact actuation provides fast stapling
  • Fires up to 1500 staples per M12TM 1.5Ah battery charge. You get the 4Ah battery!
  • Dry fire lock out - prevents blank stapling and increases safety
  • Staple locating arrow - accurate staple placement
  • Slotted magazine design - easily view and reload staples
  • Power adjustment dial - consistent flush stapling even into hardwood
  • Sequential and contact actuation trigger - Easily change between firing modes.
  • Adjustable belt hook


Stapler: M12™ 10MM CROWN STAPLER

Stapler weight: 1.3kg

Height: 190mm

Width: 70mm

Type: Cordless

Staple Lenght: 6mm - 14mm.

Staple crown size: 10mm flat crown

Recommended staples: T50


Battery weight: 0.4kg

Voltage: 12V

Voltage: 4Ah



How To

How does hiring the Easy Install Kit work?

Put simply:

1. You pay for the hire of the kit on a weekly basis. It’s automatic. You can keep the kit as long as you need to complete your project.
2. You have the choice to either collect the Easy Install Kit from our Preston premises, or have it delivered alongside your insulation. (ecoMaster hand delivery only) see our Terms & Conditions for more.
3. You may want to include staples with your kit. They will arrive with your kit, making it extra easy!
4. Once you’re finished with your kit, simply return it to our Preston premises to end the subscription period!


Q: How do I order the Easy Install Kit?
A: Due to the freight delays still being experienced, we are not shipping the Easy Install Kit interstate. Until freight returns to "normal", the Easy Install Kit will be for Melbourne only. Sorry team!

To proceed with your order, have it as the only item in the cart at checkout. At the checkout page for the EIK, select "Ship" on the delivery method and from there proceed with the "Collection - Preston Victoria" option. 

Q: What staples do you recommend?
A: We recommend 10mm, T50 Staples to be used.

Q: How long will the battery last? Will I be charging the stapler more than using it?
Under normal circumstances, the 1.5Ah battery will fire up to 1500 staples! 

Included in the kit is the 4.0Ah. Given most underfloor insulation jobs will use less than 5000staples, the 4.0Ah battery will require minimal recharges.  

Q: Will the stapler fire into hardwoods?
A: The 12V Milwaukee Stapler is built with an adjustable power dial, meaning you are able to turn up the power to fire, and adequately fix into even the hardest of timbers.


Preston Pick Up: If you wish to collect the Easy Install Kit from our Preston premises, simply purchase the pack on the ecoMaster Store and specify you wish to collect it. This will secure an Easy Install Kit and guarantee its availability on the day you wish to pick up. 

Walk in’s are possible but we can’t guarantee there will be adequate stock!  To avoid disappointment, purchase the pack beforehand. 

Hand delivery: If you are Melbourne based, have purchased underfloor insulation and have organised for an ecoDelivery, you have the option to have the Easy Install Kit delivered with your insulation. When finished with your Easy Install Kit, simply return the kit to our Preston premises! 

(Receiving Easy Install Kit from our delivery driver initiates your subscription period. Returning the Kit ends your subscription period. See our T&C’s for more)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Top Class Services!

Insulating our under floor was made a whole lot easier by EcoMaster when they mentioned they offer a battery stapler. Silly me thought I could do it with a manual stapler. For one it is unsafe because of the wiring under the house, so I really appreciated the insight into getting my job done quickly and safely. Thanks

We do our very best to provide top quality products, service and advice to our customers! Thank you for choosing ecoMaster, should you ever need any more assistance please feel free to reach out! Have a fantastic day!!

Jimi Stephens

Wonderful service, advice and communication. Whilst the job itself was tough, the equipment was outstanding and we will use these guys again. Thanks

Thank you for the amazing feedback Jimi. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

jadyn w.
Simply, straight forward kit that

Simply, straight forward kit that made for easy and effect installation.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Jadyn!

Maurice Beinat
Super stapler that goes and goes.

I had bought a "cheap" powered stapler from the Warehouse and it was super frustrating trying to get it to penetrate the hardwood joists. Lucky the Easy Install Kit was available because it made things go so much easier and faster. I would definitely recommend it if you are going to do your own underfloor insulation.