Arrow T50 Staples | About

At ecoMaster, creativity and meticulous attention to detail are fundamental to all we do. We started a rigorous experimentation process to find the perfect staple for anchoring insulation in place as part of our mission to provide the most effective and efficient underfloor insulation solutions. Our team of committed experts experimented with numerous staples of different lengths and styles to find the ideal one for the task.

Following a great deal of trial and discussion, our installers decided on a staple that was exceptional in terms of performance and longevity. This staple reduced any possible harm to the materials while also securing the insulation firmly in place. Its ideal length offered a firm grip without jeopardizing the insulation's structural integrity.


  • Arrow T50 Staples
  • 10 mm leg length (or 3/8") 
  • Choose from 1,250 or 5,000 staples in each box