Internal Doors Draught Proofing Kit | FAQ



Q: I’m not really sure how or where to start?
A: That is no problem at all. We have a series of ecoMasterClasses on just about every topic of energy efficiency. All the information is totally free. Click here to check it out. 

Q: Why should I draught proof internal doors? Don’t draughts come from outside?
A: What an excellent question! Sealing an internal door is normally done to “zone” your home. Zoning can reduce the extent to which unused or under-used areas of your home can adversely affect the comfort of those living areas you pay good money to heat and cool.

In a single-storey home, this usually means zoning off the seldom-used “wet areas” of your home - the laundry and bathroom.

In two-storey homes, it can eliminate the up-draught of warm air from downstairs to upstairs. 

Q: What is in the kit?
A: The kit will suit two internal doors and will completely draught seal them. There are two components:

  • * 2 x EMV Slim Line Seals that go in the door jam along both sides and the top of the door.
  • * 2 x RP2A is an inexpensive brush seal that you attach to the bottom of your door. It is ideal for hard surfaces such as tiles. 

Q: Will it affect the operation of my doors?
A: This kit should not prevent your doors from operating normally. if you can no longer open or close your door after installation, then it is likely that the RP2a has been fitted too low on the door. Please watch the installation videos before installing.

Q: How is the kit installed?
A: There are 2 components to install, so PLEASE watch the installation videos before deciding if this kit is for you. Installation is easy and you just need a few simple tools. Click here and here for the installation videos.

Q: Can I screw-fix the RP2A?
A: Yes you can screw fix the RP2A however, the aluminium carrier is narrow and you may easily damage it during drilling and screw fixing. The RP15 has a wider carrier that is much easier to screw-fix. Screws are not supplied.

Q: How do I know if I’ve installed it correctly?
A: The door should operate the same as before the installation of the RP2A and EMV Slim Line Seal. There should be no draughts around your doors and the doors should operate normally.

Q: I am not sure if the Internal Doors Draught Proofing Kit suits my needs. What else might work?
A: You might want to consider these alternative options:

Q: What do I do if the products are faulty?
A: The ecoMaster return policy can be found on the website.

Q: Is there a warranty on this product?
A: ecoMaster products carry a 2 year warranty as long as the product is installed according to our instructions.

Q: Is there a warranty on the installation of the product?
A: As it is a DIY product, we cannot provide an installation warranty as the installation process is out of our control.

Q: Where can I find out about shipping and returns? 
A: Refer to our Shipping Information and Returns / Refunds Policy for more details.

Q: I have more questions! 
A: No problem! Please call our knowledgeable and helpful team on 1300 326 627, or you can pop us a message here OR just jump onto the Chat function on the store right now!