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Value Poly Underfloor Insulation (Victoria Only) - How To

The Best Polyester Underfloor Insulation

Maintain Goldilocks Temperatures in Your Home All Year


Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

ecoMaster have made it easy for you to insulate your own underfloor with underfloor insulation.

There is no need to open your packs of insulation prior to installation, it is very close to full loft straight out of the insulation bag.

What you will need:

  • * Stapler (Electric or Battery, Double Insulated)
  • * Staples (Galvanised)
  • * Headlamp/flashlight
  • * Gloves (Garden)
  • * Goggles
  • * Tarps (Helps keep insulation clean)
  • * Clothes that can get dirty
  • * Music to play tunes while you work
  • * A work buddy (or two) to share the fun


Hints and Tips:

  • * Maurice, ecoMaster’s Technical Director, talks about the pros and cons of all the types of underfloor insulation and how to get the best results in the ecoMaster Underfloor Insulation Masterclass. It's free!
  • * We recommend polyester insulation is stapled to the joists at 100-150 mm intervals to ensure it is secure and will not sag over time.
  • * For the best and long lasting result, make sure the insulation staples being used are galvanised.
  • * T50 Staples were the staples of choice of the ecoMaster installation crews.
  • * How many staples do you need? You will need about 340 staples per pack of Value Poly Underfloor Insulation. That's about 47 staples per sq metre.
  • * Use a good quality stapler. Trade Quality Stapler Rental is available if you live in Victoria.