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EMV Slim Line Seal | Door Perimeter Seals

EMV Slim Line Seal | Door Perimeter Seals

Draught Proofing

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EMV Perimeter Seal is a DIY weather seal, designed with a V-shaped profile to seal unwanted gaps around exterior and interior doors or windows to block draughts and increase comfort.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to install: to create an airtight seal, simply trim the EMV to size with scissors, clean the surface and simply adhere the self adhesive linen around the perimeter.
  • Prevents rattling and whistling noises: closing gaps that range from 2mm to 7mm in size eliminates the annoying whistling noises that can escape between gaps.
  • Durable: the seal consists of a durable plastic strip with a self-stick adhesive that provides long-lasting performance.
  • Maintenance-free: once properly installed, this product requires minimal maintenance thanks to its easy-care EMV technology.


Stop Draughts with EMV Slim Line Door Perimeter Seals.  The EMV door perimeter seal is a plastic strip with a self-adhesive lining in a 5.5m roll. You can easily cut the EMV to size to fit your door jamb using household scissors. The strip is folded and fitted to the door jamb to create an airtight seal around your door and help prevent draughts, dust, pollen and bushfire smoke from entering your home. 


  • Closes gaps of 2mm to 7mm in from the sides and top of hinged doors
  • Will not interfere with the normal operation of your door
  • Requires only a few household items to install
  • A durable product that lasts a long time


  • Cost effective seal, excellent for renters 
  • Helps make your rooms more comfortable by reducing draughts
  • Prevents rattling and whistling noises
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • No need for maintenance



Suits Single hinged doors


White / Brown / Clear
Width EMV seal is 24mm wide,
but 12mm when folded in half 
for installation


5.5m per roll

Gap size

Covers gaps from 2mm to 7mm

Package contents

Roll of plastic strip seal with self-adhesive lining



1 - EMV is 1 roll of EMV seal
2 - EMV is 2 rolls of EMV seal
5 - EMV is 5 rolls of EMV seal
10 - EMV is 10 rolls of EMV seal 
20 - EMV is 20 rolls of EMV seal



How To

Stop Draughts with EMV Slim Line Door Perimeter Seals.  To install EMV perimeter seals follow a simple three step process of clean, cut and fit, fold and press. 

Our instructional video shows you how!  By following the video, you should have your rooms sealed up in no time.  But if you do get stuck on anything, our team is on hand to provide phone support so you can install the EMV perimeter seal successfully!

What you will need:

  • Damp microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Pair of scissors
  • Non-metallic egg flip or spatula

Pro Tips:

  • Make sure you have a gap of at least 2mm all the way around the door.  If the gap is less than 2mm, adding the EMV will make it difficult to close your door.
  • Make sure you have a smooth surface to fit the seal, or it may not adhere properly.
  • When cleaning the door jamb, make sure to get well into the corners at the top.
  • On the latch side, you can apply the EMV straight over the latch mechanism, as the seal will be folded over later.

Video Guide:

 Please follow the instructions carefully.


Q: What does EMV for Perimeter Doors do?

A: EMV stops draughts from coming in around your external and internal doors.

Q: What is EMV for Perimeter Doors made of?
A: EMV is made out of plastic, with an adhesive on the back.

Q: Where should I use EMV?
A: You can utilize EMV for many different uses including external doors, (but protected from the elements), internal hinged doors, aluminium sliding doors and windows and awning / casement windows. 

Q: Can I use EMV as a renter?
A: Yes, renters do not worry. EMV can easily be removed and therefore works well in rental applications. In most cases you do not even notice the EMV unless you are specifically looking for it.

Q: What is the difference between Draught Dodgers and EMV Perimeter Seal?
A: Great question! Both products provide a seal for the perimeter (sides and top) of an external door. Draught Dodgers are a higher end product that will last many, many years. EMV, being plastic, will not have the longevity that Draught Dodgers have and will not last as long in highly exposed areas. 

Q: I have sticky residue on my door from a previous attempt to draught proof, how do I get it off?
A: The basic idea is to apply a solvent on a cloth to loosen the glue. Once the residue has been loosened from the surface you will find it rolls into balls that are more easily wiped away. Test on a small out of the way patch first.

Here are some solvents to try:

  • De-Solve-It: Smells like oranges but usually works pretty well
  • Methylated Spirits: You might have it already at home. Take care because it can soften acrylic paint
  • Aeroguard (Tropical Strength): Yes, the personal insect repellant in a spray can is a really effective glue remover

With all of these, it's best to wet the glue residue and let the solvent do its thing before trying to remove the residue.

Q: Is EMV for Perimeter Doors easy to install?

A: Yes it is easy but please be sure to watch the installation video and follow the instructions.  [Learn More]


Q: Can I collect my order?
A: Yes you can!  A “Ready for Pickup” email will be sent to you when you order is ready to be collected. 
Please click this link for the Click and Collect details. Note:  this Collection Centre is in Preston in Victoria, NOT Prestons in NSW. 

Q: When will my order be despatched?
A:  Generally, your order will be despatched within 1 to 2 business days.    

Q: How will my order be delivered?
A:  If this is the only product in your order, it will be delivered by Australia Post.  

Q: Will my order be tracked?
A:  Yes!  When your order is consigned, you will receive a tracking number that will show you where your order is and its expected delivery date. 
Track your order here
Please note: Orders with two or more items may arrive in separate parcels with no additional shipping charge

Q: When will my order be delivered?
A: All AusPost orders are picked, packed and despatched within 2 business days.  Our experience with AusPost indicates that your order will be delivered within 2 - 5 business days.  Clearly this will fluctuate at peak shipping times such as Christmas.

Q: What happens if my order gets lost during transit?
A: On rare occasions we have had orders go missing. ecoMaster has solid procedures in place and photograph every order that leaves our warehouse.  The delivery of our orders at the local post office are videoed and we track the progress of orders.  If a delivery date appears to be beyond expectation, we will raise a query with AusPost on your behalf.  If your order cannot be found during transit, we will send a replacement.  

Q: What happens if my order is stolen after delivery?
A: We will check with AusPost to ensure that the order was delivered to the correct address.  If that is confirmed, and your order has been stolen from your home after delivery, please raise a Police report.


Q: What is the product warranty for EMV? 

A: The EMV Slim Line Seal has a product warranty of 2 years, but can be effective for much longer than that.  

Q: What is the installation warranty for EMV?
A: As EMV is a DIY product there is no warranty on installation.  

However, in order to get the best value from your EMV investment, here are a few tips that will help: 

  • Thoroughly clean the surface that your EMV seal is to be adhered to.  In situations where EMV has 'failed', this is 95% of the reason.  The other reason is the type of paint on the door jamb.  Very oily paints make longer term adhesion quite challenging.   (use Draught Dodgers for doors and fix them with brads instead)
  • EMV is less happy on a fully exposed door that gets full weather - sun and rain.  To be fair, your door will also be less happy too! 

To get the best value for your investment, please, PLEASE watch the installation videos before you proceed.  

If you have any questions, contact the ecoMaster team.  We are all ex-installers and have done this work thousands of times before.  We are here to help you.

Q: What do I do if I have a problem with this product?  
A: Refer to our Returns / Refunds page [Learn More].  Our Research and Development team will be keenly interested to learn of any product failure and will want images and samples the product (if possible), so they can determine what the cause of failure was.    

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Jasper Lee
Difficult to use on doors with locks

Could get a fantastic door seal but eventually the tension of the hinged material prevented me from locking my doors. I had to remove the seal to get it to shut and lock properly.

Hi Jasper,

we are sorry to hear that you didn't have to best experience with this product. Unfortunately sometimes doors aren't exactly flush and there just needs to be a little 'finessing'. We are very happy to help you out as best that we can, please do get in contact with us.

Paul Smedley

Installed 5 of these on some doors at our home and also out holiday house. Really easy to install and make a significant difference!

Hi Paul,

We are pleased to hear that our EMV Slim Line Seals made a significant difference for you at both your home and holiday house. We strive to make our products easy to install and effective in improving door perimeter sealing. Thank you for choosing EMV, we appreciate your business!

Margaret Puli

Very happy with your products. Have told many friends that EMV. is the only way to seal windows.Draught stop rods have been the answer for my doors.

Hi Margaret,

Thank you for your feedback and for recommending our product to your friends. We're glad to hear that our EMV Slim Line Seal has been the perfect solution for your doors. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy our products. Thank you for choosing EMV!

Steve Bates
It works well without making the door hard to shut.

Great door seal product. I tried hollow rubber seals but the door was too hard to shut and lock. Even open cell foam wasn't much better. These EMV seals with in the gap rather than the face of the door, and don't impact door closing at all.

Dear Steve,

Wow! Thank you so much for the great feedback about our EMV!
The issues you identify prior to installing are very common remarks that we hear from people when searching for a door seal solution. So glad that our EMV has now addressed those problems for you! Have a fabulous day!

Great bit of easy fit ..!

Wasn't sure if this would make a difference, at $17 it was inexpensive and easy to find out - yes!, I truly does make a difference.
I'd argue it reduces the breathing of your space, what it's designed to do, so provided you have windows &/or unsealed doors to open ...... I'd recommend over the bounce-back foam/rubber

Hi Kevin,

we are so glad to hear that you love our product and appreciate the glowing review! Have a superb day!