EMV is a simple and effective adhesive perimeter seal. It is a self adhesive plastic seal in the shape of a ‘v’. The EMV is an inexpensive, hidden perimeter seal suitable for sealing the perimeter of doors and windows. The seal is fitted to the door jam and the door compresses its ‘v’ shape upon closing. This product can be installed when there is at least 2 mm of clean space.
Single Strip of EMV in either brown or white
Measurements/ Specs:
5,500 mm in length
  • High-quality product which works to reduce draughts
  • Does not interfere with the operation of the door
  • Simple to install; no handyman tools required 
  • Durable
  • Australian owned
  You Will Need:
  • Scissors
Suitable For:
  • Center join on double hung windows 
  • Single hinged doors
  • Center join of French doors

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