RP35 Automatic Door Draught Excluder


What it is…

The RP35 is a high quality, medium duty, spring loaded, automatic draught excluder. It is available in bronze and silver.

Why use it…

An RP35 is a bottom door draught excluder. It is used to stop draughts entering under external doors.

How it works…

An adjustable actuator tab protrudes from the hinge side of the unit, serving as a button that presses against the door jamb as the door is closed. This forces the inner section of the draught excluder down onto the door step to provide a seal along the bottom of the door.

The Benefits…

✓ Works to reduce draught and noise entering

✓ Does not interfere with the operation of your door

✓ Cleverly designed to allow the inner seal to automatically lower as the door is closed

✓ Helps you to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature

✓ Architectural quality

✓ Durability

✓ Australian owned

✓ Minimises the loss of conditioned air, reducing your energy bills

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