Collection: Gaps and Cracks

Air flow can occur wherever two surfaces meet or join such as around wall vents, skirting and even in-between the floor boards in your home. The solutions are easy, we sell the most suitable products available and explain how to fix your gaps and cracks. 

There are many solutions to door seals and window seals. Less well know are the solutions for gap sealing. Many people tangle with silicone for this job and end up with quite a mess.

Having testing thousands of draught proofing products and hundreds of sealants, we only use Ultraclear for gap sealing. Why? Good question! When it is applied, it is white. It dries to a clear finish within 24 hours. You clean up any excess in water and there is no off gassing. Because it dries to a clear finish you don't need to colour match the skirting to the floor, or the walls to the door, or the colour of the wall vent. It is a pretty fool proof product and perfect for DIYers.