EMV Slim Line | Aluminium Sliding Door Seals | About

The EMV Slim Line Aluminium Sliding Door Seal consists of a plastic strip with a self-adhesive liner, and comes in 5.5m rolls. You can use the strips to create an airtight seal around your door to help prevent draughts and rattling. 


  • Closes up gaps of 2mm to 7mm in your sliding doors.
  • Does not interfere with opening and closing of the doors.
  • Easy to install with simple household items – no handyman (or handyman tools) needed.
  • Tough, durable product.


  • Prevents draughts, dust, smoke, pollen and insects from entering inside.
  • Improves thermal comfort in your home or rental.
  • Increases your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Contributes towards lower heating and cooling bills.
  • No need for maintenance.