DIY ecoGlaze Installation Kit for Fixed Windows | FAQ


Q: Do I really need this installation kit?
A: No one can force you to buy anything. If you are going to invest in DIY ecoGlaze for Fixed Windows, this installation kit is highly recommended. Using the kit (having watched ALL 3 videos prior to your installation), means you will successfully set your angle and mouldings at the correct distance from your glass and your mouldings will be cut to the correct angle (this is more important than you might think).  

Q: How many installation kits do I need?
A: You need only 1 installation kit for DIY ecoGlaze Fixed windows, regardless of how many windows you are installing.

Q: Does the DIY ecoGlaze Fixed Installation Kit include all the tools I need to install ecoGlaze?
A: No! Here is a list of tools you will need that are NOT included in the DIY ecoGlaze Installation Kit:

  • 1. A fine tooth hacksaw (can be used on timber and aluminium mouldings)
  • 2. A fine edge knife, like a box cutter, a paring knife, or a small kitchen knife. This is used to easily remove the liner of the double-sided tape; So the knife is not required to be sharp but is best to be thin
  • 3. A microfibre cloth/dusting cloth to remove dust from the window frame before install
  • 4. 70% Isopropyl alcohol cleaner/wipe to clean off any greasy/oily residue before install. (Before use ensure you test this step on a small out-of-sight area of your window frame to ensure it will not damage the finish, in a very small amount of cases, isopropyl alcohol will dissolve some paints and timber finishes)
  • 5. A measuring tape (preferably the rigid style builders measuring tape) 

That’s it! Pair these five tools with the DIY ecoGlaze Installation Kit for the perfect DIY ecoGlaze tool kit.

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