Joisties Fitting Tool | Steel Underfloors | How To

While some people work without fitting tools, it is harder to align Joisties so that they support insulation on both sides of the joist. These low-cost magnetic tools make a big difference in achieving an effective result so you gain the most benefit with the least fuss.

What you will need:

  • Two Joisties Fitting Tools.
  • Joisties.
  • Joisties Adhesive.
  • Polyester Insulation rolls.


  • Use two Joisties Fitting Tools to save time and achieve the best outcome.
  • Intact and glue-free Joisties Fitting Tools can be returned after use for a 50% refund.

How to fit Joisties with the Joisties fitting tools:

Our Part 3 of the 5 part series of installing Joisties demonstrates how to fit Joisties with the Joisties Fitting Tools.

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