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Guide to Gaps, Cracks & Vents

About Gaps and Cracks

Gaps and cracks leak air in and out of your home

Through places you may not even know.

Try this quick quiz:

Where do draughts sneak into your home?

  • 1. Through gaps in wooden floor boards

  • 2. Gaps around skirting boards where they meet the floor

  • 3. Through wall vents

  • 4. Around heating ducts

  • 5. Around architraves

  • 6. Around picture rails

  • 7. Cathedral ceilings

  • 8. Through exhaust fans

  • 9. Up and down your chimney

  • 10. Turned off gas heating floor ducts

If you answered YES to ‘all of these’ then you are correct. 


Check out your home and see where you have unwanted air leaking in and out of your home. This uncontrolled air leakage is adding lots of money to your electricity bills as you try to heat and cool your home.

We have all the products you need to seal up your gaps and cracks. We have great ‘How to’ videos to guide you through the process, making it so easy. Your finished work will make you look like a pro.


Bathrooms and laundries do not have to be cold and draughty rooms in your house.
Draught proof your windows and install a Draft Stoppa on your exhaust fans,
make sure you have ceiling insulation and underfloor insulation if it is a wooden floor.


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