GreenStuf Sound Solution Insulation | FAQ


Q: What is it?
A: Sound Solution is a range of polyester insulation batts which are designed to reduce sound penetration, keeping your home quieter. Typically these are fitted into external walls but can also be used on internal walls and ceilings.

Q: What does “R” mean and why is it important?
A: The “R” value represents “resistance to heat” which is another way of measuring how well insulation can stop heat flow, whether it’s flowing out of your home or into your home. While Sound Solution is primarily for acoustic control the batts also have a thermal value.

Q: Will all of the Sound Solution batts fit into a standard wall?
A: The R2.0 Sound Solution batts are 90mm thick so they will fit into a standard wall made with 90mm studs. However the R2.5 Sound Solution batts are 100mm thick and should NOT be squeezed into a 90mm thick wall.

If you require R2.5 insulation in the wall you are better to use the thermal Greenstuf R2.5 Wall product. It also has a high density and so will also abate noise penetration.